Friday August 15, 2014

Fellow Cyclists & Friends – please be on the lookout for a silver/grey SUV with a MD State “War of 1812” tag when you are on roads this weekend anywhere near the Laytonsville and broader area.  If you see one when you are out biking or in a car this weekend, please take a picture of or write down the plate number and send it to me (KZwally@gmail.com).  

The vehicle in question could be a Toyota Forerunner, but we’re not 100% sure.  

This vehicle has been described as possibly the one the fled the scene after running me over while I was biking a short section of Rt 108 this past Saturday. A witness kindly called me after seeing the FOX 5 News story the other night and provided information about the vehicle including a partial plate number.  However at least one of the numbers she gave police was wrong (and its missing the two letters), so police are having trouble matching it with a specific vehicle.  

The plate number we have is: 2??3956. Again, this is missing the two letters, and at least 1 number is not correct. 

The War of 1812 tag is the only Maryland plate with a U.S. flag on it, and its red, white, and blue in color. Here is a link to examples of the Maryland War of 1812 license plate so you know what to look for. http://bit.ly/1AkQzMQ


If you see any silver/grey SUV with a War of 1812 tag (the one with the U.S. Flag), please take a picture of it or write it down, and email it to KZwally@gmail.com. I will pass this information on to the investigating officers.  

I am grateful for the information provided by this new witness, and police are working hard using a variety of investigative methods that we can’t share without compromising the investigation.  (Please don’t speculate what they might be in social media.)

Although the new witness is confident about all of the information she gave, the three pieces of information police are most sure about are 1) the red white and blue flag-bearing tag 2) the vehicle was a SUV, and 3) that it was silver (the color was also confirmed by other witnesses at the scene). The police are confident that some of the numbers in the plate are correct, but there is not enough information for them to puzzle out the remaining pieces and sufficiently narrow the list of vehicles.  (The witness told me she was a passenger in the car behind the one that struck me and they saw the accident.) 

Maryland registration does not include the color of the vehicle, so MoCo Police doesn’t yet have the information they need to crack the case.  The investigating officers are hoping area cyclists and the general public might be able to provide additional information needed to ID the vehicle.

As a reminder, this vehicle crossed a double yellow line to pass me going up a blind hill, struck me, and then fled the scene. Regardless of whether or not you think I should or should not have been riding on Rt 108, these actions are illegal. I suffered serious injuries including several broken ribs. Any information you can provide to help us track down this driver would be greatly appreciated.

Please share this post via FB, Twitter, etc.  I’ll ask Liz to add it to her blog site so you can link to it here.  I’ll also put it out on twitter tonight (@KZwally), and feel free to suggest other sites or organizations I should contact.

Thanks in advance for all your help, and coast down a hill or two for me when you’re out there biking this weekend. And most of all, be safe and have fun.  


Kurt Zwally,

Silver Spring, MD


6 comments on “APB: SILVER SUV WITH WAR OF 1812 TAG

  1. Scott says:

    I’m sorry to hear of your experience, grateful that you were not hurt worse, and incredibly hopeful that this person is identified and nailed. I’m not a frequent bicyclist, but this kind of behavior is deplorable and needs to punished severely.

    • Kurt Zwally says:

      Thanks Scott for the well wishes and support. The police are working hard and using a variety of investigative methods. Hopefully, they’ll catch him. Sincerely, Kurt

  2. Zoe says:

    Kurt, I never leave comments on blogs – but being a bicyclist (and one whose husband and best friend just had a non-vehicle related bike accident during a metric century ride this past weekend – so the trauma of that is still on my mind), I had to comment. So sorry to hear about what happened to you. I am always amazed at the few idiots who have no regard for anything but their time or agenda. Road biking comes with its inherent risks, but when you add stupid drivers to the mix, it’s very scary. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  3. Charlie Thomas says:

    Very sorry to hear about your accident and I am wondering if there is a possible connection to another hit-and-run involving a silver SUV and a cyclist friend of mine back in February — see http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/dr-gridlock/wp/2014/02/27/cyclist-hit-and-run-plays-out-on-facebook/

    • Kurt Zwally says:

      Thanks for your message Charlie. I don’t know. I heard about Lynn Kristianson’s hit and run, and I feel really bad about her injuries, as she was hurt much worse than me.

      Its very sad. Kurt

  4. Megan B. says:

    I drive on this road almost everyday and pass riders frequently ( and I am a rider myself). I will happily look out for this vehicle and report if I see anything!! I am glad you are relatively ok and are on the mend. I really hope they catch this person, they should be off the rd for good!

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